About Us

Company Profile

Since its inception over two decades ago, MECK has carved a name for itself in the electrical and electronic industry of Malaysia.

Over the years, the company, which is located in Johor, has spread its wings by establishing branches in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Ipoh for the convenience of its customers.

In tandem with its tagline, Growing Happiness Together, the company always go the extra mile to maximise convenience for your family through our products.


Customers are our priority

Fulfilling customers’ needs has always been MECK’s utmost priority. As such, the company strives to continuously launch and innovating cutting-edge products that will improve the quality of our customers’ lives.

Dynamic business model & product

MECK practices a dynamic business model which ensures that the company is continuously growing and innovating new products and services.

We will be there for you

We provide comprehensive services, from the start till the end, so that customers are satisfied. With branches in major cities of the nation, you can easily find us for any repairs and other after sales services. Yes, we will always be there for you.

Brand promise

Happiness throughout life

Your happiness is our sole aim. MECK’s products will instil seeds of happiness in your family and enrich your life.


We will ensure that our products are of top quality. In addition, we also make them user friendly for your convenience.

Amazing experience

We are always upgrading our products depending on customer’s feedback. This will ensure you are always at ease when using our products.