Oil Free Air Flyer

A healthy way to FRYOil-Free Air Fryer

Fry Healthily

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The MECK Oil-Free Air Fryer makes cooking convenient – and cuts the calories and fat – in everything from French fries, pastries to chicken, among others. Apart from frying, this air Fryer can also be used for roasting, baking or grilling.

  • 80% Less Fatty Food
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Innovation Frying Solution
Healthy Frying with Hot Air

Fry food with uo to 80% less fat compared to food cooked using normal frying techniques. Now you can enjoy tasty fried dished with your family without worrying about the extra fat and calories.

How Does it Work?

The unique super-fast hot air circulation technology enable food to be fried well, crispy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside - with 80 percent less fat.

Product Specification
Oil free cooking. Less 80% fat than traditional fryers.
No risk of hot oil scalding.
Faster frying, save time and energy by 50%.00
Steam vaporized automatically to allow crispier food.
Drawer-type frying basket os dish-washer proof.
High performance system circulates heat to ensure food is cooked evenly.
Cooking smell and fumes greatly lower than traditional fryers.
With over heating protection function.
Deluxe stainless steel decorative panel.
Cool touch handle & none slip feet.
60 mins mechanical timer.
Adjustable control temperature of up to 200℃.
Basket capacity: 2.0L

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