Electric Stew Cooker

Where Tradition Meets Modern Technology

Save your hours for a healthier meal, a better life!

You can now create almost any steamed or stewed dishes – from delicious soups, stews to desserts (even rice) – without spending lots of time in the kitchen!

  • Keeps the Real Taste
  • Multi-Function
  • Easy to Use
  • Keep Food Warm
All you need is just the right cooker!

Prepare nourishing home-cooked meals for your family with MECK Electric Multi-Stew Cooker to enjoy the newest in cooking trend!

How Does it Work?

The MECK Electric Multi-Stew Cooker effectively retains the nutrition in foods that would usually have been damaged by the heat while cooking.

Product Specification
Fully automatic cooking process with delay start timer and auto keep warm functions after cooking completion
Delay start timer of up to 9 hours
Multi preset cooking programs including steam, stew, porridge, yoghurt functions
Comes with four inner pots
4.5L stainless steel pot x 1 (non-removable)
2.0L ceramic pot x 1
0.5L ceramic pot x 2
Ceramic pots ideal for soups with retained flavours and nutrition
Stainless steel pot provides porridge & soup cooking functions
Elegant LCD display timer
Comes with recipe book

Manuals and Documentation

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